Invision Gaming Control Panel

Through the pages in this section we will explain how to use some of the features of our control panel. By checking out the guides here, you should be able to find out how to manage your account and services. 

If you want to have a guide added because you are unsure how to do something, please email support and we will have something written for you. 

Game Server Renewal

Game Server Renewal Posted By Kalyse // Invision Panel

Game Servers

Game Server renewal is a very easy process with our unique control panel. To renew your game server, web hosting or any other service we provide such as voice communication you can log into your Profile and navigate through 2 very simple pages to complete your renewal.

Upon purchasing the lowest amount of time for your game server you will be given one month from that day to either renew your server or do nothing. Payments and renewals for any game servers can only be made by you and there is no requirement to cancel the game serveras no subscription ever takes place. You pay and play, its that simple and when you decide to take a break from gaming you can choose not to add any game time credits to your game server and then on the date of renewal we will shut your service down.

The following steps include all the relevant information you need to know on how to renew your game servers.