Game Server Monitor

Monitoring your Game Server remotely is something that is essential with any established or newly formed clan. Monitoring your Game Server allows admins and the gamers who have contributed to setting up your new community to keep a close eye on your game server activity and make sure that its running to a high performance.

There are a lot of different ways that you can Monitor a Game Server depending on what your intended use is. The majority of users are happy with just monitoring a game server for any changes in users that connect, this is essentially very useful for notifying you when your favourite server is getting activity, however many admins require extra functionality and will want to know when the server is not responding or has crashed.

Using our control panel you can use the Game Administration to very effectively monitor any changes in your game server and scan to see how many players are connected. It will also tell you if your game server is not responding.

Game Server Scanning

If this is not enough for you, one tool that we use is HLSW. You can read about the possibilities on the HLSW page.